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Are You Missing Out on a World of Opportunity?
Border-free Business empowers companies to conduct business abroad. Most companies limit themselves to domestic markets because the thought of traveling to foreign destinations with different currencies, customs, languages and values is simply too daunting. Rather than give advice on how to conduct business overseas, Border-free Business will take groups of clients or individuals to target markets (in which we have been conducting business for decades), engage them in the nuances of that market, and introduce them to potential clients or partners. We can also arrange the finance to participate in our trips. As a result, you will learn – and achieve – more in a week with us than you most likely would in a year on your own.

For decades, most US companies have focused on the domestic market – and why not? After all, the 300 million (and growing) consumers in this country are the most affluent and insatiable consumers on this planet. Many companies have thrived and will continue to do so simply by targeting clients within the United States. However, there are two compelling reasons to look further afield.

First, with the recession hitting as hard as it has, there isn't a company or organization that could not benefit from a vastly expanded market base. Three hundred million consumers may be a large number, but it is a fraction of the seven billion potential worldwide consumers, many of whom are rapidly rising through the ranks of the middle classes and therefore constitute heavy consumers.

Second, with Americans' low propensity to travel overseas, let alone do business abroad (compared with citizens of most other Western nations), it is ridiculously easy to gain a significant competitive advantage by venturing beyond our orders. For Europeans, traveling and doing business in foreign countries is second nature – most Europeans have a passport, most speak several languages remarkably well, and nearly all are comfortable with the notion of dealing with foreign entities in terms of currencies, languages, customs and idiosyncrasies. Similarly, most Australians and New Zealanders, sometime in their late teens or early twenties, go through a 'rite of passage' by doing what is affectionately referred to as the big "OE", or Overseas' Experience, which entails packing up and going abroad for a year or more to widen their knowledge and skill set, thereby equipping them for the international scene. To illustrate the difference in propensity to travel, the vast majority of Europeans, Australians and New Zealanders have a passport, whereas most estimates indicate that fewer than 20% of Americans possess one.

Border-free Business demystifies the process of going global by teaming up with clients, escorting them to international markets, and using its decades of experience and contacts to facilitate their business. Almost without exception, when we return from a trip to a target country, our clients give rave reviews, and lament, "if only we had done this years sooner". Explore our website to discover the benefits of joining us on a trip, to learn about our target markets, and to find out how you may participate.

Border-free Business

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